Student mentees and alumni mentors create profiles. The student profiles will highlight (expected) degrees, current and past internships/positions, areas of interest, research/articles, and additional information about the student. Of course, students are only asked to provide information that they are comfortable sharing.

When the students create their profiles, they will be sent a list of potential mentor matches. This matching process will focus on various fields, including related interests and similar career goals. The student has the opportunity to select one of their recommended matches. Once an alumni mentor is selected, the alumnus will receive an email, asking to begin a mentoring relationship. If the alumnus accepts, the relationship will begin. If the alumnus declines, students will be directed to review their matches again.

You are probably asking yourself, “How long does this last?” The answer is as long as you want it to last. You may be looking for mentors to ask singular or specific questions. You may be looking for guidance over an extended period of time. Once the mentee and mentor feel like the goals of the relationship are accomplished, they can choose to move on.

While messaging between mentees and mentors will be available on the software, students and alumni are welcomed to share personal contact information if they feel so inclined. AIM will not supply students with any alumni contact information and vice versa. That will be left solely to the discretion of the participants.